Yoga for All Seniors

I developed Yoga for All Seniors© in 2013 to bring the benefits of a committed yoga practice to seniors with extremely limited mobility and/or memory function.

When I began working with seniors at an assisted living facility  in 2012, I tried my best to find teaching resources aimed at this group. However, all the manuals and information on “senior yoga” that I found were suited for persons still able to get up and down out of a chair — and still fully lucid. I had a class full of people with walkers and wheelchairs, replaced hips, hearing impairments, as well as various stages of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s Diseases and dementia, among other conditions.

Over time, I found ways to adapt breathwork, meditation and seated postures to make this practice ideal for those coping with impaired memory, chronic pain and illness and other geriatric conditions. I am currently developing a teacher’s manual and training program for this original style of yoga.

Read Mary’s Moving Mom, my 2011 blog about getting my mom from Kentucky to California, which is really what started all of this in the first place.

Me and Mom
Mom and me in 2011

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