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Meditation is not about being blissed out 100 percent of the time.

Case in point: yesterday in my training, I had some really nasty stuff come up during one of the sets we did. I don’t even understand it. It was just pure yuck. I don’t know what caused it or why it showed itself in that moment. It collided with some other stuff and I ended up having what amounts to a spiritual temper tantrum that lasted the rest of the day.

NO! I will NOT be this evolved! NO! NO! NO!

But this morning I started laughing about it some, which means it’s shifting. And THAT’S the point. Get it up. Get it out. Get on with it…that sooner or later makes way for some bliss. I’m not feeling it yet so I’m still having this spiritual sh*t fit. But I’ve been at this long enough to know that if I just stick with it and let it all happen, it will eventually move through and I’ll find myself more at ease. Keep up and you will be kept up, says Yogi Bhajan.

That’s why I bother.

(I guess if I tweeted, I might do #keepinitreal)


Yoga Bits — Words of Wisdom

Cat and ButterflyWhy tamper with perfection? Instead of messing with the masters, in this week’s Yoga Bits I decided to let them speak for themselves.

The Spiritual Warrior

Orange blooms“There is nothing you can get without giving. You have to make a sacrifice to achieve something. Every victory has a price. Every defeat has a pain. Therefore, don’t let your ego play an unnecessary role. The best way is to accept the Will of God. And the Will of God is what is the best for all, not what is best for you alone…If you sacrifice your will for Divine Will, then you wish good for all and you shall be the best. That is the way to cross the crisis.” — Yogi Bhajan

Yoga Bits — Celebrate Yourself

Bite into this week’s Yoga Bits.

“Don’t try to fit in. You fit perfectly in you.” — Yogi Bhajan

Know This

“You have no enemy, you have no poverty, you have no disgrace, you have nothing wrong with you.” — Yogi Bhajan