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Welcome Back!

Yoga Bits has had a makeover. The redesigned site provides information about classes, tarot readings, and monthly class themes. You can also link directly to the sister site, Yoga for All Seniors, to learn about my program for bringing yoga and meditation to people who need it most. And in order to ensure you never… Continue reading Welcome Back!

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Just Feel It

Facebook and other social media have been filled with intense expressions of anguish, violence, sorrow, hate, unity, despair, hope, and higher consciousness following the flurry of pain and counter-pain that sprung into our global consciousness last week. I've been on a strict "info diet" since last Friday, consuming controlled portions of all the messages floating… Continue reading Just Feel It

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Seniors Workshop in Development

I'm planning a three-hour workshop at Indigo Lab in Los Angeles on how to teach yoga to seniors. The date has not been set but we are discussing December or January. If this topic interests you enough to attend, please let me know in a comment below. The workshop would be: * focused on bringing… Continue reading Seniors Workshop in Development

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New Class Thursdays in the Valley!

By popular demand (not really but it sounds good!) I'm now teaching Thursday mornings at The Yogi Tree in Toluca Lake. Join me each week at 10:30 am for kundalini yoga and gong so you can de-stress and reset your nervous system. For my full teaching schedule, look to the left or click here, and… Continue reading New Class Thursdays in the Valley!

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Fruit and Consequences

The key to prevent drowning in negativity, in my experience, is in locating my authentic gratitude in the middle of the bullshit. So, a while back I had a day that kinda blew. I had money stolen and it began a chain reaction of chaos that was eventually resolved but was not fun at the… Continue reading Fruit and Consequences

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Turn, Turn, Turn

Like all regular ol' human beings, I benefit from consistent reminders of the blessings in my life. Last week I was in a pretty crabby mood on my way to teach a class. The plumbing in my apartment has been acting up and I had another incident overnight -- two weeks ago the kitchen sink… Continue reading Turn, Turn, Turn

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Is it possible to do too much yoga and meditation? Apparently so since last week I did not realize I left my keys dangling from my open mailbox in the lobby until I reached my front door on the second floor! God only knows what parts of my life and belongings I've strewn across LA.… Continue reading Overmeditated