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Gone, Baby, Gone

Last week I threw out a "mix tape" from the 1990s. It was a gift from an ex-boyfriend. I had that tape for almost 20 years and moved it across the country and into countless residences. But last week I trashed it by answering a simple question: does seeing this item make me smile? The… Continue reading Gone, Baby, Gone

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Pay Attention

If you're reading Yoga Bits today it means you survived Black Friday and the kick-off of the Season of Insanity, so let's just consider that the week's miracle. Things seem to get quite sticky this time of year. There are people I have met who really do enjoy the holidays but I would have to… Continue reading Pay Attention

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Yoga Bits — How Do I Judge Thee?

Various positive influences, including yoga, have helped me recognize that judgment in the form of discernment is a reasonable and necessary human trait. This week's Yoga Bits explores the concept of constructive vs. destructive judgment.

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Yoga Bits — Take This Job and Love It

This week's Yoga Bits suggests that our satisfaction with work actually has little do with WHAT we do and a lot to do with HOW we do it.

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Yoga Bits — To Be or Not To Be

What's with our culture's romantic notions of adversity? In this week's Yoga Bits, I say anguish is overrated (notwithstanding tragic Shakespearean masterpieces, that is). Pain happens...but what I truly love makes me stronger.

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Yoga Bits — Words of Wisdom

Why tamper with perfection? Instead of messing with the masters, in this week's Yoga Bits I decided to let them speak for themselves.

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Yoga Bits — Mirror, Mirror

"Instead of looking at someone and saying, 'Who are you?' look at them and say, 'Who am I?'" -- Guru Singh This week's Yoga Bits offers some food for thought about how my reactions to others reflect on me, not them.