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We did it!

Who is the only person MORE excited than me that yesterday’s first-ever YFRS training was so successful? My mom, the original Real Senior who inspired this program! 

Students learn about teaching people with severe limitations at the inaugural Yoga for Real Seniors teacher training held in Los Angeles on Jan. 16, 2016.



All this and it’s fun to boot!

 We still have some spaces available so let’s review what you’ll get by participating in this Saturday’s teacher training for Yoga for Real Seniors, noon to 4 pm at Indigo Lab in Los Angeles:

* Learn how to teach yoga to seniors with moderate to severe physical and cognitive limitations
* Find out how to adapt any yoga style or pose to suit elderly students
* Gain the confidence to begin your own senior classes at assisted living facilities, group homes, senior centers and the like
* Find out about The Three Ms and The Four Ss of YFRS and how to apply them
* Register for the low, low price of $150 (this course is worth $300!)
* Become eligible for the lifetime discount on any future YFRS training
* Meet and connect with others in the elder care community

Email to register.

Join me for YFRS training! 

It’s not exactly Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, but there’s some good info here about why you should sign up for my training workshop to learn how to teach yoga to seniors on Saturday, Jan. 16, from noon to 4 pm at Indigo Lab in West Hollywood. 
Email to register. 

Sign up for training!

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