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Just Feel It

Facebook and other social media have been filled with intense expressions of anguish, violence, sorrow, hate, unity, despair, hope, and higher consciousness following the flurry of pain and counter-pain that sprung into our global consciousness last week. I've been on a strict "info diet" since last Friday, consuming controlled portions of all the messages floating… Continue reading Just Feel It


Ponder the Difference

Being clever is not the same as being smart.  Being cunning is not the same as being intuitive.  Being spiritual is not the same as being enlightened.  Being enlightened is not the same as being self-aware.  Winning is not the same as being victorious.  Conversation is not the same as communication.  Exertion is not the… Continue reading Ponder the Difference


Sadness and Being Present

My friend's dad died last month and she is sad. His death was not a tragedy. He lived a full, long life. It was his "time." My friend believes in an "afterlife." She's grateful he won't suffer and that he was pretty sharp and good-humored almost to the very end. And she's sad. Because that's… Continue reading Sadness and Being Present