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“To Be or Not To Be” — Why Is That A Question?

"Life is difficult." --  M. Scott Peck Simply put: it's not easy being alive. It's just not. Of course, no one promised it would be and, yet, somehow we assume a right to ease in this life. If being alive is challenging, then being alive and sensitive is enough to send almost anyone over the… Continue reading “To Be or Not To Be” — Why Is That A Question?

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Seniors Workshop in Development

I'm planning a three-hour workshop at Indigo Lab in Los Angeles on how to teach yoga to seniors. The date has not been set but we are discussing December or January. If this topic interests you enough to attend, please let me know in a comment below. The workshop would be: * focused on bringing… Continue reading Seniors Workshop in Development


Living Right Now

After struggling with some significant changes to my body this year, I found this article tremendously inspiring. Move and live, don't wait!

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New Class Thursdays in the Valley!

By popular demand (not really but it sounds good!) I'm now teaching Thursday mornings at The Yogi Tree in Toluca Lake. Join me each week at 10:30 am for kundalini yoga and gong so you can de-stress and reset your nervous system. For my full teaching schedule, look to the left or click here, and… Continue reading New Class Thursdays in the Valley!

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Lovely, Made from Love

It's been such a tough week for so many people so I'm posting something heartwarming and funny that I absolutely love.