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Turn, Turn, Turn


Like all regular ol’ human beings, I benefit from consistent reminders of the blessings in my life.

Last week I was in a pretty crabby mood on my way to teach a class. The plumbing in my apartment has been acting up and I had another incident overnight — two weeks ago the kitchen sink kept backing up and this time it was the toilet. Great. So I was running late after trying to coordinate maintenance — and then traffic was stupid and I was yelling at people and calling them names from behind the safety of my rolled up windows.

But I did make it on time and after class, I gave Linda my business card…READ MORE


You Can Leave Your Hat On

raylan10I practice yoga and meditation every day, which allows me to be calm, healthy and happy. Meanwhile, my favorite TV show is Justified, which is a violent Elmore Leonard-style crime drama set in the hills of Kentucky and known for its vigilante hero U.S. Marshal Raylan Givens as well as its pathologically vicious villains.

I’m sharing these few details to make the point that as humans we are a complex matrix of characteristics and tendencies. I, like you, wear many, many hats. Some of them do not appear compatible but each reflect a genuine facet of the total “me.” We choose which “hat” to wear at any given moment based on whatever is necessary to fulfill our role at that time — parent, child, employee, boss, friend, volunteer, teacher or student, to name only a few.

But what happens when those lines get fuzzy, as they inevitably do?…READ MORE


forgotkeysIs it possible to do too much yoga and meditation? Apparently so since last week I did not realize I left my keys dangling from my open mailbox in the lobby until I reached my front door on the second floor!

God only knows what parts of my life and belongings I’ve strewn across LA. But you know what? I don’t even care. Because this oversight happened after returning from my weekly class at the cancer support center. I was preoccupied thinking about a new student who came that evening.

She was very young, probably under 30, with a tumor (and a port) in her chest, diagnosed six weeks ago. She’d had her first chemo treatment and she was trying so hard…READ MORE

Yoga Stoned

The Time Is NowI’m blessed to be immersed in numerous intensive yoga studies for the next six weeks, including a phenomenal advanced teacher training this weekend at Yoga West Los Angeles. All that yoga has me in a somewhat spacey, happy place that I often refer to as “yoga stoned.”

I don’t know if I made up that phrase, or if it was my friend and fellow yogi Zoe Ruiz — or if she or I heard it somewhere else entirely. I do know the term frequently applies and I use it often!…READ MORE