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Sh*t Happens

Sandy Hook Parents

Some things will never be okay: parents of Sandy Hook Elementary School children

Sometimes in my spiritual, “enlightened” community, I feel like I must fight for the right to feel my shitty feelings.

Yes, the yoga world has its own taboos, among them expressing dark, unloving thoughts or displaying ignoble, selfish behavior. There really is only one problem that: we’re all human and we do these things. Expecting or pretending otherwise is a recipe for hypocrisy.

Actually, I believe acknowledging the shit and hell makes me more authentic and, therefore, amplifies my spirit. That’s just how I am. The depth of anguish I feel is of equal proportion to the height of joy. I do not have to declare the worst experience of my life to be “okay” in order to be okay myself. I’d rather just skip all the judgment and get on with being okay or not, moment to moment. I already struggle with an internal battle to validate myself. To then face censure from so-called healers who won’t tolerate expressions of pain or anger…well, I just find that absurd…READ MORE


What Is Insanity?

Maggie SmithI’m a little bit preoccupied with Downton Abbey. I recorded the season premiere a few weeks back and here is my confession: I watched it more than once.

Sure, the first viewing was wholesome entertainment. I could have even justified the second viewing as necessary so I could keep up with the next day’s water cooler conversation. But when I realized I was watching the same episode a third time, I had a rather sobering thought:

“What would I be doing if I wasn’t doing this?”

Distraction can be necessary and helpful. Entertainment, relaxation and recreation are absolute essentials in life. But a distraction that actually takes away from our conscious connection to present has become something else. It’s become a problem…READ MORE

Gone, Baby, Gone

emptyroomLast week I threw out a “mix tape” from the 1990s. It was a gift from an ex-boyfriend.

I had that tape for almost 20 years and moved it across the country and into countless residences. But last week I trashed it by answering a simple question: does seeing this item make me smile?

The answer was no.

I actually got the question from decluttering expert Brooks Palmer’s blog, which provides helpful guidance for making such decisions.

Armed with this question, I was ready to render a verdict regarding the mix tape. I found it interesting — lots of great, semi-obscure songs on there from back in the day — but it was not inspiring or worth taking up anymore of my time or space… READ MORE