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Sh*t Happens

Sometimes in my spiritual, "enlightened" community, I feel like I must fight for the right to feel my shitty feelings. Yes, the yoga world has its own taboos, among them expressing dark, unloving thoughts or displaying ignoble, selfish behavior. There really is only one problem that: we're all human and we do these things. Expecting… Continue reading Sh*t Happens


What Is Insanity?

I'm a little bit preoccupied with Downton Abbey. I recorded the season premiere a few weeks back and here is my confession: I watched it more than once. Sure, the first viewing was wholesome entertainment. I could have even justified the second viewing as necessary so I could keep up with the next day's water… Continue reading What Is Insanity?

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Gone, Baby, Gone

Last week I threw out a "mix tape" from the 1990s. It was a gift from an ex-boyfriend. I had that tape for almost 20 years and moved it across the country and into countless residences. But last week I trashed it by answering a simple question: does seeing this item make me smile? The… Continue reading Gone, Baby, Gone