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The Next New World

1971volkswagenbeetleMy first car was a 1971 Volkswagen Beetle with a dashboard vent that would never close and rusted out floorboards in the back. It was not exactly a smooth, insulated or quiet ride but so what, right? It got me where I wanted to go and even had a fancy-schmancy radio/cassette player so I could listen relentlessly to my favorite music along the way.

Many years after that car was retired, I heard an old U2 song titled “One Tree Hill” and I discovered about a minute of music at the end that I had never before heard. Apparently, this delicate coda was always drowned out by the rumbling engine and gale force wind blowing through the air vents. I had no idea!

That, my friends, is one big fat metaphor for our awakening consciousness…Read more


Pay Attention

firebreathing1If you’re reading Yoga Bits today it means you survived Black Friday and the kick-off of the Season of Insanity, so let’s just consider that the week’s miracle.

Things seem to get quite sticky this time of year. There are people I have met who really do enjoy the holidays but I would have to say that, sadly, they are the minority. The holidays for many people are consistently an emotional minefield and the 2012 season is no exception.

The good news is that within the sea of chaotic pressure swirling in and around you, you have a life preserver that is always available to you — always (if it’s not, it means you are physically dead). This omnipresent tool is your breath…Read more