Monthly Archives: August 2012

Yoga Bits — To Be or Not To Be

Laurence Olivier as HamletWhat’s with our culture’s romantic notions of adversity? In this week’s Yoga Bits, I say anguish is overrated (notwithstanding tragic Shakespearean masterpieces, that is).

Pain happens…but what I truly love makes me stronger.


Yoga Bits — Words of Wisdom

Cat and ButterflyWhy tamper with perfection? Instead of messing with the masters, in this week’s Yoga Bits I decided to let them speak for themselves.

Yoga Bits — Mirror, Mirror

Looking Glass“Instead of looking at someone and saying, ‘Who are you?’ look at them and say, ‘Who am I?'” — Guru Singh

This week’s Yoga Bits offers some food for thought about how my reactions to others reflect on me, not them.

Yoga Bits — Rose, Mary and Time

Blooming roseThis week’s Yoga Bits newsletter reminds you to take a little time to notice the gifts in the midst of your stressful, busy, scattered life.