Yoga Bits — Meditation Report Card

Report CardIt’s a good thing I’m not really graded on my meditation practice. Read this week’s Yoga Bits to find out why.


4 responses to “Yoga Bits — Meditation Report Card

  1. Love it!! Actually, we (our group) were talking about related issues during our first conference call. Curiosity – do you fall asleep during this particular meditation we’re doing (Mul Mantra)?

    • Thank you! As for the current meditation, actually, yes! More than once I’ve fallen asleep during this one. It doesn’t happen every time but it’s happened often enough in the past 20 days that it’s noteworthy.

  2. Yeah, one other member in our group was saying she does, too, and that it’s boring!!! (lol). But strangely enough, someone else said her dreams were actually disturbed. What a variety of responses. I kind of like this meditation – I find it calming, and I like the “ch” endings.

    PS, you are a very strong and solid meditator – I know, because I meditated with you!

  3. Oh, it helps to get this feedback! It’s why I spill my guts in my newsletters. I figure at least one of my students/colleagues is dealing with similar stuff and it’s good to know we’re not alone. 🙂

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